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Stigma 2020: Online exhibition – Art and Mental Health.

This page will be continually updated! Keep checking back for new works! If you wish to purchase anything please contact the artist directly and if you’d like to support us to help us continue doing the work that we do – please consider making a donation – every little helps – donation link at the bottom of the page. Many thanks, the Cocreate Arts & Health team.

Title: Colourful Emotion

Artist: Tim J Burgess
Size: 29/23 inch 
Media: Colour pencil  and  ink on acid free 250gsm paper
Purchase Price : £180 

Artist Statement:

“I believe that those who live with mental health issues should find comfort that we can all experience similar feelings and emotions even with strangers we see in our day to day life.   Colours are for showing emotions should be nothing to hide, but can be celebrated together.”

Title: The Storm

Artist: Regina Ionescu (alias Ioana Ionescu) 

Size: 100/140 cm

Media: Diptch: Acrylic Paint on two canvases each 50/70cm

Artist Statement:

“The image is about the ability to cope with problems and changes; at the same time it is about the ability to maintain relationships and empathise with others. The branches in the background are roots of the past raised to the surface by the storm wind. Bodies dressed in white represent the stability of an architectural pillar that provides stability and safety. Hair in the wind represents flexibility and vitality.” 

Title: Flight

Artist: Jennyanne Smith

Size: 23/16 inch

Media: Marker pen, affirmations & Acrylic on canvas

Purchase Price: Make me an offer – all proceeds go directly to Cocreate Arts & Health CIC as a reminder for me about all I’ve managed to achieve despite my Bipolar Disorder. You can purchase prints however if you like – just get in touch for details.

Artist Statement:

“Not working due to Covid 19 has meant that I’ve actually found time to paint! I was depressed and miserable when I started to create it. I copied some gratitude affirmations off the internet and hid them under the Gesso… and then I willed myself to try and bring some colour and vibrancy into my life. As I painted the shapes and lines took on meaning – it became the landscape of my life… The pink dots at the top became my Hoffman Process geese – keeping me going and pulling me through.

Title: Primal Fear

Artist: Nicole Antras

Size: 50X100cm

Media: Acrylic on canvas

Purchase Price: £150

Artist Statement:

“This painting is about the primal fear of abandonment that lies dormant in us all.  The primal need to belong to a community to ensure survival, when rejection could mean our individual extinction. For most of us these days those immediate risks aren’t so great, but traumatic experiences can trigger this primal fear.

It’s a painting about the process of identifying, acknowledging & facing fears – accepting them and being able to find compassion for ourselves and others.”

Facebook – @NicoleAntrasArt.222

Instagram –

Title: The Storm

Artist: Dejan Machukov

Media: Pen on paper

Size: A3
Artist Statement:

“I would like to show that life storm of these homeless kids, they have nothing worth in their lifes but love to each other!”


Title: “Through Atmosphere”.

Artist:  Roger Gregory 

Size: 30 x 21 cm.

Media: Ink collage.

Purchase Price: £90 

Artist Statement: 

“This work considers the fragile environment of the mind, an ink painted collage, using tissue paper and ink as a metaphor for the thin fragile layers of tissues of the body and mind. 

Following a long career practicing podiatric medicine in the NHS and then as a university lecturer, delivering undergraduate and postgraduate anatomy. My career was stopped short by ill health, and so I decided to follow a lifetimes dream to take my interest in art to another level so I began to study for a degree in fine art at the university of Derby. Completing and gaining a BA (Homs) fine art in 2015. 

Underlining my art practice was my experience and knowledge of anatomy and how this subject was associated  and influenced the arts, especially studying contemporary artists e.g. Damien Hurst, John Isaacs and Marc Quinn.

Over the past few years I have been producing work based on personal experiences relating to the affects of medication on the brain which resulted in me experiencing nocturnal hallucinations and applying my creativity in capturing some of those ephemeral moments. I allowed this action to dictate the materials I chose to work with, firstly using tissue paper on which to paint and as a metaphor for the thin fragile layers of  tissues we are constructed from and ink to represent the fluidity of the many systems within the body e.g. circulation, neurological etc.

Contact details.



Title: Sausage Smile

Artist: Ben Browton
Size: Variable
Media: Digital print

Price: £80 for a limited edition Giclee print 210 x 297 mm
Artist Statement:

“I created this self-portrait in 2015. I was seeing a Counsellor at the time, because I was suffering with debilitating anxiety. I had created the sausage on a silver-plated fork artwork at home during this time as part of my art practice/therapy. On the day of my 13th session with the Counsellor, the sun came out and flooded my bedroom with light, lifting my mood. I took this self- portrait at that moment, the moment when the anxiety finally dissipated and I could get back to my life.” 
instagram /benbrowtonfacebook /benbrowton

Title: DARK

(COVID edition)

Artist Lia Dostlieva

Set of collages inspired by abnormal mental states and related comments. Drawings and

photography on paper, series of 10, A4 size, unframed.

In 2018 I was diagnosed with MDD (major depressive disorder) and my everyday routine and

social life have changed significantly since then. Some people turned out to be really supportive,

while others kept making discouraging comments or jokes. I talked to my female friends who

were also coping with MDD and they described me many similar episodes from their experience.

This type of attitude is still widespread in our society and aims to create social pressure towards

women’s attempts to speak up about their problems in order to mute them and deny their

agency. Thus, not only gender itself but also mental health issues are frequently being used as

the reason for manipulating the social image of a specific vulnerable social group.

Then in 2020, the quarantine came. Pandemic lockdown put on women even more pressure

than usual, demanding from them to simultaneously teach their children, do unpaid domestic

labour, and work as if none of this ever happened. Those expectations are widely accepted and

go to the highest level. For example, the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine published on its

Facebook page a video urging women to “simply create the best school in the world at your

home”. Add social pressure to “do better” and mental health issues and bang, you have a bingo.

Internet is full of “quarantine diet tips for weight loss” or lockdown inspirations like “perfect

your cat eye with liquid eyeliner”, “knit a bad hair day beanie”, “clean your windows”, and so on.

Sure, it’s not like only women gain weight or make cat eyes, but we know who the audience of all

these tips is, right?

So I compiled a list of harmful replays and toxic words of advice given to us by other people

along with our own inner comments and doubts. Then I created a set of collages which are

mirroring and illustrating these two worlds: the world of “normal” people who are being

intolerable and the fragile world of female patients who lack social acceptance.

This project aimed to give a voice to women’s experience and make this issue more visible.

Lia Dostlieva (Лія Достлєва), b. 1984, Donetsk, Ukraine

Artist, cultural anthropologist, essayist.

Primary areas of my research include the issues of trauma, postmemory, commemorative practices,

and agency and visibility of vulnerable groups. I am particularly interested in how trauma comes to

language, in possibilities of representation of traumatic events and in how “difficult knowledge” and

“difficult past” could be described and visualised. As an artist, I work across a wide range of media

including photography, installations, textile sculptures, interventions into urban space, etc. since 2012.

Title: The Darker Recesses of my Mind
Artist: Hodgkinson Fardell
Size:12” x 16”
Medium: Oil
Statement: ‘The Darker Recesses my Mind’ reflects two elements of our mental being: 1. It is a place that dwells within all of us. The fear of the outside world and the potential it holds to harm us. We see it all of the time, inflicted on others. 2. Within the darker recesses of the mind is the potential we ourselves hold to harm ourselves, a fear which we can create without outside influences.Both leave us fragile and in need of kindness and understanding.
social media/website:  instagram: hodgkinsonfardell

Title: Depression Pit

Artist: Elenya Knops

Size: Variable

Media: Digital File

Artist statement: Previously to lockdown, my work focused on discussing mental illnesses and raising awareness through giving it visible form. I’ve often found that the stigma that surrounds it comes from people not always being able to visualise what these illnesses can entail. The work ‘Depression Pit’ is an installation focusing on the central ‘monster’ surrounded by the room in which it has unravelled. Due to Covid-19 this project has been put on pause but is something i hope to continue moving forward.

elenyaknops@gmail.comInstagram: @elenyaknops

Title: I am looking from behind

Artist: Emanuela Camacci

Size: cm 50×70

Media: collage paper and sculpture on wood

Artist Statement:
My desire is to challenge. There is no preference for methods and media. I strive to
explore the limits of various materials.
I realize works, expression of physical experiences. My work directly relates to events in
my emotional life. I face up the oniric aspect of the life, of the dreams.
Parallel my intention is also to establish a link between sculpture, architecture and
environment. Working through the architectonic element to make a sculpture out of it,
endowed with life and articulated. To make a way, a passage.
To exalt the architectonic and sculptor aspect of the work and of the space in his totality.
Works are often made of multiple parts which I develop as studio sketches.
Ideas are only fully realised in a suitable context – a final work is often made on-site and
changes its location’s meaning.
Contact details & Website/social media handles:

instagram: manucamacci

Title:  the girl who laughs

Artist:  Sunkyeong Oh

Size: 960px x 1280px

Media: Digital Painting

Artist Statement: 

This period can also be a mental health crisis for many children. I’m especially worried about domestic violence and neglect. Childhood wounds remain in their minds for a long time even after they become adults. This picture is a self-portrait of a girl who is now an adult. I always want to support the children in danger and empathize with them. The painting was inspired by Victor Hugo’s ‘The Man Who Laughs’

Contact details & Website/social media handles.
@sunkyeong_oh (instagram)

Title: Stuck

Artist: Carlo Hornilla

Size 56.44cm x 42.33cm 

Media: Digital Painting

Artist Statement:

This piece is about a personal struggle of feeling trapped in the endlessness of work, and missing a place I can never return to… Every week was a routine of a mind numbing unfulfilling job, all while watching the people I cared about move forward with their lives. I tried to find distraction however possible in an attempt to stop that perpetual feeling of isolation and longing. I kept spiralling into myself until it felt like everything crumbled inside. When I had snapped out of the illusions my distractions had granted, it was too late. I found myself unable to break free of my sadness. Stuck.

Carlo Hornilla is a Bristol based abstract story teller whose work explores poignant and thoughtful ideas. These ideas are based around mental health, personal and emotional wellbeing, mindfulness and introspection, and finding meaning in the seemingly meaningless. Their stories and concepts are often told through a filter of humour that allow difficult subject matters to be navigated. They mainly use a medium of illustration to visually tell their narratives, such as graphic novels, comics, and card games. They also have been known to  explore other means to depict their stories such as soundscapes and the use of physical trails. Carlo initially created art as a form of personal therapy and a creative outlet for their various feelings. Now, their work acts as a safe platform to talk openly about hard to discuss topics, while having fun along the way.

Instagram: @KaaroKaaro /


TitleLooking Within (Through a Depression)

Artist: Catharine GellingsSize: 39 cm X 54 cmMedia: Pencil on 30lb Drawing Paper
Artist’s Statement: (Poem)

This is really the soul?

Am I in the inner room now?

Every single voice of opposition – EVERY SINGLE ONE, Has come back to converse with me in my solitude.

It cannot be covered up by the activities of a life lived outside of this small room. 

The voices wished to remind me how stupid and worthless, small and disappointing I am. 

–       because I chose to not be as the voices were.

My job was to confront them.

To put them away from myself DEFINITELY.

I’m coming down now. 

I’m going in. 

I’m going to find you. 

I will root you out of my head. 

I’m not finished, but I’m different. I will finish this.

I see now I always knew the truth. 

I was the one always observing .. those voices. 

Maybe before I let you imprison me, because I didn’t know my own power. 

Was it not you that prohibited me? Women still, are always being restrained, doubted. But I know now, I let you.

But now I know, 

I will push you away when you come to say you can live my life better than me. 

I’m coming down now. 

I’m going in. 

I’m going to find you. 

I will root you out of my head. 

I’m not finished, but I’m different than you. 

I will finish this. 

I am in my power now. 

And there, now! 

I broke through unexpected shale keeping me from my internal water well, there!

    There is where I found the stars–the Pleiades. 

Deep, deep, down in my blackness… as they are in the endlessness of space.

Inside of me found a universe. Alive and well and Full of story and light.   

Contact / Instagram: @CRGart

Title: Last Bath

Artist:  DAK

Size: 23 x 30 x 2 cm

Media: Acrylic on Canvas

Artist Statement:
Douglas Karson is an American-born artist living and working in Bristol. Self-taught, his practice incorporates storytelling, poetry and ink on paper with a particular focus on painting. Bold colour, geometry and a sensitivity to line and balance characterise his paintings, which are informed by personal and spiritual philosophies. His ongoing series THE RULES uses elements from Greco-Roman and Chinese mythology, Yogic theory and Hindi philosophy to formulate a process of painting-as-manifesto, or manifesto-as-painting. A rigid formal framework and methodology engenders dozens of potential outcomes, each a cross-cultural message suffused with subtle politics. 

Douglas believes passionately in creating and nurturing artist communities. He founded Art Battle UK, a live painting event that brings artists and art lovers together in a unique environment, breaking art out of its sanctioned and sanitised “white cube” contexts. Douglas has participated in and organised over 30 group and solo exhibitions across the UK and the United States, and his work has been featured in magazines such as Art Reveal and Creativ Paper.

Contact details & Website/social media handles:
Douglas Karson : 

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