At Cocreate Arts & Health we are always seeking funding opportunities to enable us to provide projects that can help to bring meaning and fulfilment to peoples lives – both the participants and the facilitators!

All of our projects exist to support underrepresented artists, creatives and people in general – such as those from BAME communities, areas of high socioeconomic depravation, those with hidden/ mental illnesses or anyone else who faces ableism in some way in their day to day lives. 

So if you are an artist, creative or person who feels underrepresented in the world in some way and are ITCHING to get a project off the ground – do get in touch and lets see if we can work together! Jennyanne was 36 before she created Cocreate Arts & Health and started applying for funding – if she can do it – anyone can!

Creative Life Coaching

Location: Bradford

We are currently working with Blue Glasses Girl on a funding bid to enable us to bring even more of her amazing Creative Life Coaching events to the people of Bradford!

Watch this space for more information!

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Mindful Making & Yoga

Location: Harrogate

We are currently working with a childrens centre and local gallery in Harrogate – seeking funding to enable us to put on weekly mindful making, childrens yoga and meditation classes to help build resilience from a super young age!

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